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Acupuncture in Bangkok

Things You Need to Know Before Getting Acupuncture in Bangkok.

Are you looking for alternative ways to enhance your wellness? Acupuncture in Bangkok is a safe and effective way to relieve pain and help treat various health conditions. In this article, we detail what acupuncture is, what the practice’s benefits are and recommend the best acupuncture clinic in Bangkok.

What Are the Costs for Acupuncture in Bangkok?

The expense of acupuncture in Bangkok can differ significantly, largely depending on the practitioner’s experience, the duration and complexity of the sessions. Therefore, it’s prudent to verify this with your provider beforehand.

The cost you need to pay for acupuncture in Bangkok can vary by a lot. This depends on a number of factors which includes the following:

  • Your acupuncturist in Bangkok’s location: the further into Bangkok you go, the more expensive acupuncture treatment in Bangkok will likely become.
  • What treatments your acupuncturist offers: Some acupuncture treatments in Bangkok are more expensive than others, such as electroacupuncture.

Number of sessions: If you need several sessions of acupuncture in Bangkok to get a desired result, it is likely the cost will climb as well.

What is Acupuncture?

What is Acupuncture

Acupuncture is part of the ancient practice of Traditional Chinese medicine. The treatment uses specialized acupuncture needles that are small and thin, inserted into precise points on the body along the meridian lines. The process aims to stimulate the body’s healing responses and enhance general well-being. Acupuncture treatment is safe, and has no side effects from medicine. It has also been certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as being effective in treating certain types of diseases

What Are the Benefits of Acupuncture in Bangkok?

Acupuncture in Bangkok works to help maintain the body’s equilibrium. Including helping to suppress chronic pain such as menstrual cramps. Migraine headaches, including Office syndrome symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, etc.

Currently, Acupuncture in Bangkok has been applied in anti-aging medicine for beauty. It is called “Facial acupuncture”, The treatment uses specialized acupuncture needles inserted into precise points along the surface to stimulate blood circulation. Stimulates the creation of collagen and restores elastin under the skin. Make your face radiant. Increases skin firmness, reduces blemishes, freckles, and acne scars.

What Illnesses Can Acupuncture in Bangkok Cure?

  • Neurological and Musculo-skeletal Disorders: Headache and migraine, Trigeminal neuralgia, Pareses following a stroke and Office syndrome.
  • Respiratory Diseases: Common Cold, Asthma and Allergies.
  • Gastrointestinal Diseases: Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Constipation, and Dyspepsia.
  • Endocrine Disorders: Hypertension, Hypotension and Diabetes.
  • Amenorrhea, Menstrual Cramps and Menopause.
  • Mental-Emotional: Anxiety, Depression, Stress and Insomnia.

How many Acupuncture treatments are needed to see results?

2-3 sessions per week for 3 weeks, or at least 5-10 times within 1 month are recommended for a lasting impact. Clients with chronic conditions may require more frequent treatment. However, depending on the doctor’s consideration and the patient’s own physical condition. Sometimes other treatments may be required, such as Cupping.

Does Acupuncture in Bangkok Hurt?

Does Acupuncture Hurt

The needles are very thin, so insertion usually causes little discomfort. You might be more sensitive in certain areas, but it shouldn’t hurt.

Who is Acupuncture in Bangkok Recommended For?

  • People who want to relieve pain throughout their body, including for migraines, back pain and arthritis.
  • People who want to maintain the body’s equilibrium.
  • People with facial skin problems such as acne, dark spots, blemishes, freckles, acne scars, etc.
  • People with various health problems such as irregular menstruation, insomnia, stress, anxiety, allergies, etc.

How Long is an Acupuncture Session in Bangkok?

An acupuncture session may take between 20-30 minutes.

How to prepare for Acupuncture treatment?

  1. Wear comfortable, not tight clothing to allow the blood to flow easily.
  2. If taking medicine to dissolve blood clots or antiplatelet drugs, you must inform the doctor in advance.
  3. Eat a full meal 1-2 hours before receiving acupuncture in Bangkok to prevent fainting.
  4. Get enough sleep for at least 6-8 hours.

The best place to get Acupuncture in Bangkok

If you don’t know which acupuncture clinic to choose. You should choose to use a hospital or an acupuncture clinic that has received standards. There are traditional Chinese medicine doctors who are knowledgeable in acupuncture. At Mediwelle, acupuncture sessions are provided by experienced doctors & highly qualified therapists. Excellent care & personal attention. You will receive a treatment plan that best fits your individual case. We ensure the best possible outcome for each patient.

If you’re interested in getting acupuncture in Bangkok, please be sure to either call the clinic or contact directly at (+66) 02-253-2465 or Line

Acupuncture in bangkok

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